Learn the 3 Secrets to make your 50cc scooter do 50+ MPH without a mechanic
Does your 50cc scooter Go 
50+ MPH?
Learn the 3 Secrets every scooter needs to go Faster?
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Here's what our Customers Are Saying:
Hi Jeremy! I got the parts today and installed them a little while ago. Once I got fuel to the carb she purred like a kitten. Idle was a bit high so I had to adjust it a bit once it warmed up. When it was cold, the back wheel was spinning so I knew it was a bit high. It was already dark out but I wanted to take it up the street and man oh man was I surprised!!! She pulls stronger than I ever thought she could. I'm impressed for sure" Anyway, for the price I'm very happy the way she runs now. John B 

Jeremy, wanted to take a moment and thank you for sending those speed packs out. We got them in on Fri and we installed them all. We don't even recognize the bikes anymore they do 50+ mph. You are the man thanks again brother, saved our butts."
Lucas Pappa Scooters Key west, FL

Jeremy "OMG" I got the beast parts this afternoon. It took me about 3 hours to put it on. (we in the south take our time) The bike started right up. Now I'm 5' 10" 180# when I took off the front end lifted up and I was gone. The power was unbelievable. I know I still have to treat it like a new motor and break it in. But it hit 40 real fast. THANK YOU SO MUCH... I can not wait til tomorrow so I can go get in the wind."
— Steven C

Getting your Chinese scooter to 50+ mph is no joke... It is super fun but not for children. 
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Yes, I want my GY6 50cc scooter to go over 50 mph!
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